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The Riga Plastic Surgery "All Stars"

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Dr. Janis Gilis
Private Clinic of Plastic Surgery

The Dr. Janis Gilis Private Clinic of Plastic Surgery was founded in 1992 located in city center near the famous St. Gertrude Church, and offers a full palette of cosmetics procedures. All equipment and materials are of the highest quality, EU certified and approved - modern medical technology utilized to world “best practice” standards.

Dr. Gilis performs both minimally invasive and extensive facial and body plastic surgeries plus all types of breast surgery using the latest generation of implants, cosmetic and reconstructive genital surgeries including vasectomy reversal as well as regenerative and autologous fat cell transplantation.

In addition, the clinic offers cosmetic injections, such as fillers and facial muscle relaxants (Botox), which can achieve rapid facial rejuvenation effects for relatively low cost.
Dr. Janis Gillis
Dr. Eduards Jursevics

Dr. Eduards Jursevics
LIPEX Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Over the course of more than 25 years the LIPEX clinic of Dr. Edward Jursevic has become a leading center of aesthetic medicine in the Baltic States.

Located in Riga's exclusive "Embassy Zone", Dr. Jursevic caters to a divese patient mix including celebrities and politicians, offering a full range of plastic aesthetic and reconstructive surgery options.

Widely respected by his peers and patients he is a popular guest lecturer and has been awarded multiple awards and accolades.

The clinic is home to an experienced medical support staff including a variety of treatment specialists: dermatology, injectibles, hair transplantation, and other non-surgical methodologies. The facilities are equipped with the latest diagnostic and surgical technology including an on-site CT Scan, unusual among cosmetic clinics.

Dr. Evija Rodke-Sproge
Aesthetica Beauty Clinic

Dr. Evija Rodke began her practice in 2004 and most recently in 2019 she built the largest clinic in Riga, a 3-floor 1000 sq meter building just outside city center. The creation of the AESTHETICA clinic was the realization of Dr Rodke's professional ambition and personal dream.

Throughout her career, Dr. Rodke has traveled widely being formerly in residence at several hospitals in both Finland and the United States.

She is a consultant and contributor to numerous health and beauty related web sites, and is a member of the The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS), and regularly attends international seminars, exhibitions and congresses.
Dr. Evija Rodke-Sproge
Dr. Janis Zarzeckis

Dr. Janis Zarzeckis
Center of Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Janis Zarceskis is what might be called Riga's celebrity plastic surgeon as he is a frequest guest on local media and the subject of numerous magazine articles. That is some indication of the high esteem he and his clinical practice enjoy among the city's cognescenti.

With over 25 years experience and 30000 operations, Dr. Zarcecskis offers all the procedures you would expect at a 5 star internationally known clinic. Indeed he can often be found in London where he offers free consultations for procedures to be peformed in Latvia.

The Zarceskis Center of Aesthetic Surgery has office, examination, and non-invasive facilities in center city as well as fully equipped and staffed surgical department just outside the city.

Dr. Andrej Kremnevs
Kremneva Privat Klinik

Dr. Andrey Kremnevs's clinic is in center Riga convenietly located behind the Radisson Hotel Latvia, the tallest building in the city.

He is a recognized expert in cosmetic surgery, in particular in the difficult specialty of rhinoplasty, one of the professions most demanding. Moreover, Dr. Kremnevs posseses such a calming and caring attitude toward his patients that his new clinic, built in 2014, has climbed to one of the most sought after in Latvia.

Unlike many well-known surgeons, Dr. Kremnevs performs all surgeries himself never delegating them (under supervision) to a junior associate. His approach to plastic surgery remains the same; treating a cosmetic procedure as a type of sculpture. Indeed, if the goal is beauty, the practice is art.
Dr. Andrej Kremnevs
Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis

Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis
Feldmana Privatklinika

Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis, who has more than 20 years of experience, has long occupied a position of preeminence among Riga's medical community.

His multi-floor clinic is located in a quiet suburb about 20 minutes from city center and has been operating since 2008, serving more than 1000 patients a year with a broad range of cosmetic procedures for breast, body, and face.

The clinic is built to accomodate patients with complex and/or multiple procedures who can utilize the comfortable ward rooms fully furnished with indivdual showers and toilets, WiFi and satellite TV for longer term recovery.

Dr. Feldmanis is fully up to date with the latest technologies and techniques, participating in multiple medical symposia and forums every year.

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Human beauty is the harmony of parts of face and body. It is enough to have one look to understand it, because the Beauty is the feeling. - Dr. Andrey Kremnev

Making the surgery invisible is the greatest art. This is the highest mark for a plastic surgeon. - Dr. Eduards Jursevics

Plastic surgery is a synthesis of the standard of beauty created by society, a woman's feelings and the most modern technologies. - Dr. Kaspars Feldmanis

Only women can afford to create a painting every morning by choosing their face as the canvas - Dr. Janis Zarceckis

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